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Cubefield is a simple but addictive game, there are only two controls – left and right. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide your ship through an endless field of ominous looking coloured cubes – if you hit one, it’s game over.

Beware – after a gentle introduction, the speed goes up and up! The aim is simply to hold on as long as you can, trying to rack up a huge high score.

Cubefield is destined to be one of those classics that everyone remembers. Years from now people will look back and say “What score did you manage?” – let us know in the comments below what your highest score is!

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Play Cubefield, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3621 ratings

783 thoughts on “Play Cubefield

  1. Such a simple concept for a game, yet so fun – it kinda makes you mad though, it’s alright to play for five minutes

  2. this game is awesome, my top is 310800!!!!!! whats urs? can u beat that? tell me your high score!! tips: this game takes skill and concentration, and the game is limitless, SO STAY FOCUSED!!!

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